Why Raised to Life? RESURRECTED LIVES!

God meets us at the point of our need as we are, and resurrects us from our need.
This Easter, let's humble ourselves to see the need outside of our own. Let's focus on creating meaningful relationships with others to lead them. Let's let BOLD FAITH lead
the way. Let's let God use us as His vessels to introduce people into a relationship with Christ and most importantly - let God receive the MAXIMUM GLORY!

RAISED TO LIFE : 642 is what WE as ELEVATE will take part in prior to Easter.
Below you will find resources to equip you with the Easter at Elevate vision.


Check out the Easter Spotify Playlist. The goal of the Easter Spotify playlist is to worship together outside of Sunday with songs we currently sing and to introduce you to new songs we plan to sing on Easter and during the RAISED TO LIFE series:


  + Resurrecting by Elevation

  + Raised to Life by Elevation

  + Mighty Cross by Elevate

Feel free to share this playlist with family and friends, play it in the car, at work, or as background music when investing in your relationships.


: 64 First Time Newcomers
: 42 Commitments to Christ
: 26 Baptisms in Water




Identify 4 people. Pray for God to help you love and serve them into a relationship with Jesus.

Father, show me the spiritual need of those I come in contact with. Give me a courageous, sensitive and loving heart that will see people as You see them and love them according to their need. In Christ Jesus!



People don't know what you know, until they know you care! People know we care when we are intentional.


Host a family/friend dinner. Ask what their plans are for Easter, invite them to join you for Easter at Elevate.


Be a front yard neighbor. Intentionally sit in the front yard, have hopscotch, bubbles, balls, yard games, etc. available for neighbors walking by with their family and/or pets.


Host a block party for your neighborhood with ice cream, hot dogs or have neighbors bring their own meat for their family. Even numbered houses bring sides, Odd number houses bring dessert. 

Set up a lemonade stand to raise money for missions at Elevate. This is also a great opportunity to hand out invitations to neighbors for Easter at Elevate.

: WORK :

Ask a co-worker to lunch.

Getting together outside of work is an opportunity to get to know your co-workers. Plan events like bowling after work or a BBQ at your home.


Sign up to be part of the PRAYER WALK on Saturday, March 24.


Cook a team meal before a game or tailgate and give away hot dogs and invite families to enjoy! 

Take a meal to school teachers.  Call or email the principal and ask if you can leave muffins, pizza, etc. for teachers in the lounge. Place a note of appreciate along with invitations for Easter at Elevate.

Take coffee or food to fire stations. Let them know you appreciate them and they are always welcome at Elevate.



Inviting someone to join you for Easter doesn’t have to be scary. Take a step of bold faith - it could change someone’s life FOREVER!

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